Do you keep receiving postcards about selling your home to a "CASH Buyer"? Don't do it! This is the biggest SCAM in real estate today! The five minutes it takes you to become informed can save you 20k, 30k, 40k or more. 

Real Estate Wholesaling is plaguing our real estate market and is costing unsuspecting home sellers thousands upon thousands of dollars. 

What's the scam?

How would you you feel if you sold your home and later found out that you sold it 25%-40% below its true market value? On a sales price of only $200,000 this can cost home sellers anywhere from $50,000-$80,000!  This is the business of the Real Estate Wholesaler. Most commonly, real estate wholesaling operations utilize blanket postcard advertising to entice homeowners to sell their homes. What most sellers do not realize is that the wholesaler is offering well below market value and in most cases do not have the financial means to complete the sale.  These "Real Estate Wholesalers" convince sellers to sign sales agreements on their homes and then "assign" these contracts to another investor for a fee. This fee results in an instant profit to the wholesaler of 10%, 15%, 20% or more. The Utah Division of Real Estate is cracking down hard on "Real Estate Wholesalers". What's worse is that the investor that ultimately purchases the home is buying it at a minimum of 20% under market value in addition to what the seller looses on the assignment fee! The investor then fixes up the home and resells it for a minumum of 10-15% additional profit! The final result? Sellers have sold a home for significantly under market value and have left a ton of money on the table that the end buyer will ultimately realize. Nothing was disclosed to the seller of the home with regards to the wholesalers true intention and the actual parties to the contract. This is illegal and should not be tolerated. 

How do you avoid it?

Get all the facts. Have me stop by the property to have a look. I will make recommendations, run the numbers, and compile the necessary information you need to decide the sales approach that is most suitable for you. Every seller deserves to have ALL the facts! These facts enable you to arrive at an educated decision that best suites your particular home & situation. Together we can eliminate these scammers from plaguing our real estate market and preying on unsuspecting sellers!

I will provide you with one or all of the following:

  • Current as-is market value for owner occupant buyer.

  • Current as-is market value for an investor buyer (Flip).

  • Current as-is market value for an investor buyer (Rental.)

  • Current fully renovated value.

  • Repairs recommendation and cost estimate to achieve maximum selling price and profit.

  • Contractor recommendations for any needed repairs, if desired.

  • If you choose to sell the home after making some repairs to maximize profit I can help you coordinate all of the needed repairs.

  • If you are interested in selling it to an investor, I can make you an offer well above what most investors can offer and guarantee a smooth transaction

  • If you choose to sell the home to maximize your profits I can assist you with that as well. 

As a real estate broker with Wasatch Group Real Estate it is my job to serve, protect, and inform the public. If you would like to determine the true market value of your home please fill out the information box at this link: https://www.utahshaun.com/fine/real/estate/marketeval

To request an appointment for me to come see your home and to assist you in making a game plan for the sale of your home please call/text me at 801-808-9164

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